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When Susan read, “Thanks for the Memories,” scrawled in crayon on her mirror, she thought that was the hardest day of her life. Her husband had left her and taken the children with him to Mexico where she could not retrieve them. When Susan reunited with them 12 years later, she thought that her nightmare was over and they would all live happily ever-after. She was wrong on both counts.

As hard as that terrible day was, searching for twelve years was brutal. The search drained Susan’s resources, money and hope. Upon reuniting with her children for the first time after so many years, Susan was shocked. They were strangers. While she had thought of them constantly over the years, they thought she was dead. Susan’s children were not sure they wanted a relationship with her.

Susan’s gripping story takes readers beyond the story of the search and reunion too the painstaking work and love required to rebuild a family after a long separation.

More than 200,000 children are kidnapped by a family member every year. Many of them will reunite with their searching parent in the future. This book is for searching parents, the children and all reunited families who are tying to grow new roots as a family. Sharing what she has learned, Susan offers parents and other family members hope and help in their journeys.

  • “An amazing story of courage, endurance and most of all, an undying and relentless love for, and uniting with her children.”

    Paula Mele
  • “My husband and I read this book cover to cover in one sitting.”

    Susan and Don Wiswell
  • “For anyone who’s starting over after a family trauma. this book offers hope and


    Cheryl Hammer
  • “Very close to many hearts in my family.”